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Firewood Winter Saver Bundle


Introducing the Ultimate Winter Saver Bundle – Your Complete Firewood Solution!


Prepare for the cold months ahead with our specially curated Winter Saver Log Bundle. This all-inclusive package is designed to keep your home warm and cozy throughout the winter season, offering the perfect combination of high-quality firewood and essential fire-starting materials at an unbeatable price.


Bundle Includes:

  • 5x Net of Premium Kiln-Dried Birch: Experience the superior burn quality of our kiln-dried birch logs. Known for their bright flames, pleasant aroma, and high calorific value, these logs ensure a long-lasting, efficient burn with minimal smoke. Our birch logs are meticulously dried to optimal moisture content, making them the perfect choice for a clean and intense fire.
  • 2x Nets of Kindling: Get your fire started effortlessly with our premium kindling. Carefully selected and dried, our kindling ensures a quick and reliable ignition, allowing you to enjoy your fire without hassle.
  • 20 Fire Lighters: Make fire-starting a breeze with our high-quality fire lighters. Designed to ignite easily and burn steadily, these fire lighters are the perfect companion to your kiln-dried birch and kindling, ensuring a stress-free fire-lighting experience.
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